Our primary training tool!

Welcome to the world of modern dog training where technology meets compassion. At the heart of this approach is the E-Collar – a humane, effective, and revolutionary device for dog training.

We all dream of being not just good pet owners but also great friends to our furry companions. This requires understanding them better and engaging in proper training techniques.

Gone are the days of electro-shock dog collar training. Today’s E -Collars are refined, reliable, and designed with your pet’s well-being at heart.

  • Creating Better Lives For Dogs and Their Owners


This Bundle Includes:

  • ET-300 Mini Educator E-Collar (Retail Price $219.99)

    • ET-300 Mini Educator hand-held transmitter
    • E-Collar receiver
    • 2-hour rapid-charge charger
    • 2-Year Warranty
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The E-Collar we endorse, the Mini Educator 1/2-Mile ET-300 by E-Collar Technologies, is the epitome of cutting-edge technology combined with an understanding of dog behavior.

Think of these devices as the pet equivalent of a TENS unit in physical therapy. The E-Collar uses a range of cues – from a beep to a subtle vibration to a muscle stimulation which goes from 0 to 100 so you can safely and humanely feed out your dogs sensitivity level without going to high.

This flexibility allows you to gauge your dog’s sensitivity level and provide a corrective stimulus without causing discomfort or distress.

The E-Collar is a game-changer in dog training. It facilitates effective communication with your dog and fast-tracks command training. Above all, it reduces stress on your dog during training.

We use E-Collars for every dog we train, helping us improve their behavior while alleviating their stress. It allows our dogs to be free and unleashed, yet under control, in all environments and conditions.

Safety, Quality, and Convenience

E-Collar Technologies is renowned for its collaboration with professionals boasting over 100 years of experience in designing and manufacturing dog training collars…

These collars are waterproof (to a depth of 500 feet), shock-resistant, equipped with a flashlight, and carry a 2-year warranty.

They even float to prevent loss during water activities!


Rest assured if used properly, these devices won’t hurt your dog in any way.

They merely provide a ‘tap’ of muscle stimulation, akin to a reflex. The sensation is similar to the stimulators used by doctors for muscle therapy. We support and promote only the most humane tools and methods for dog training.

All the E-Collar products we use are made in the USA and are subjected to rigorous testing to guarantee your dog’s safety.

Flexible and Practical

Does your dog need to wear the E-Collar all the time?

Absolutely not. We advise taking it off at night or when there’s no communication happening with the dog. Many owners find that after a few months of training, the E-Collar isn’t needed at all inside the home.

However, to ensure consistency, especially in public off-leash situations, we recommend having the E-Collar on whenever you take your dog out of the house. It becomes an extension of your bond, a device that allows you to better communicate with your canine companion.

Experience the transformative power of E-Collars. Let it help you become not just a great owner, but an even greater friend to your furry family member.

Remember, a well-trained dog is a happier, more content, and more secure dog. Let the E-Collar help you achieve this harmonious relationship with your canine companion.