Trying To Tame The Beast?
Insider Secrets To Becoming Your Dog’s Favorite Person And Getting A New Best Friend

I’m going to assume that you’ve already tried to teach your dog some tips and tricks. If you haven’t, don’t worry – you’ve probably avoided some serious headache…


Trust me, I know…from experience.


People are emotional, which is especially the case with true animal lovers – we really do have the best intentions, so when we don’t see the progress despite our best efforts…


The feeling of discouragement really hits…hard!


You slowly start to notice less and less furniture intact, then perhaps you decide to Google some stuff and…


Surprise! It just doesn’t work for you and your dog’s behavioral combo (which is a more common problem than you might think), which leads me to the #1 Rule Of Life…


There are rarely one size fits all solutions.


On top of that, it’s extremely time consuming (I’m assuming you’ve got stuff to do)…


sprinkle on top the realization that it will also take some serious consistency and…


All of a sudden you just sit down, ready to give up.


But then your dog casually licks your face and innocently stares into your eyes, as if he’d never done anything wrong and…here we go again.


Whether you’ve just gotten a dog, or you’ve already been a proud owner for some time now and got dragged down a cycle of YouTube and TikTok videos showcasing millions of people having the time of their life with their furry friend…


You ask yourself: “Is this something that I…no…that we could experience”

Imagine your dog actually enriching your life, enjoying each other’s presence, having your own little rituals and living that Superman – Krypto life (hope you know what I mean here!)…

Being able to take your dog on walks, hikes and to the park with full confidence in their behavior knowing that no matter the situation, your little (or big) used-to-be beast is a now welcomed ball of joy.

Imagine every time a conversation regarding dog owners comes up, people feel the need to point out that they wished more dogs were like yours and wonder how you did it.Do I stand a chance of helping you with that? Good question…


My name is Brad Cranston, I’m the Owner & Head Trainer.


I’ve been a dog lover since my earliest memories, and my passion for training dogs started when I was just 10 years old, teaching basic and advanced commands to my family’s Rat Terrier, Yankee.


Little did I know that this hobby would eventually become my life’s work.


After earning my business degree, I spent four years working in the corporate world before realizing that my true calling was working with dogs…


So I left the office life behind and started traveling across the country to learn more about different training techniques and observe how larger and smaller training operations worked.


This experience helped me to recognize the difference between effective and ineffective training methods and inspired me to launch my own business, Great Off Leash Dog Training.

“Give Thy Dog Freedom And Respect Thy Dog Shall Show Back”

At Great Off Leash Dog Training, my mission is to give dogs and their owners the opportunity to build a genuine trust and respect relationship through effective communication.


My goal is to change dog owners’ realities by training their pups to have good behavior, allowing them to take them anywhere without a leash.


So far, I’ve trained over 1,000 dogs of all ages and breeds and am proud to be Upstate New York’s top-rated individual off-leash dog trainer, according to Google Reviews.


I’ve devoted my life to giving dogs and their owners the G.O.L.D. Life – giving my clients control of their dogs without a leash, regardless of activity or distraction.


Join me in creating a stronger bond between you and your furry friend, and let’s unlock your dog’s full potential together.

Through years of experience, paying close attention to what works and experimenting with well-known, as well as less known methods, I have invented a universal, modern dog training system…


I call it the “Freedom Reward Based Training.”


By using this method, we are allowing your dog to achieve what it desires the most – absolute freedom, in the shortest amount of time possible… By creating a sense of urgency to follow your guidance and having it act as a trigger.


And no, it has nothing to do with treats. See, I believe too many people have this misconception that they have to use treats as a tool when training their dogs…


The reason this doesn’t work is because dogs get dependent on them, and most likely still can’t go off the leash afterwards.


What we need to do is come up with a systemized, mathematical approach that revolves around multiple signals for your dog, in the right order, that are easy to understand and crystal clear to it – and I mean “it’s a no brainer” clear. And…


This is where most people screw up big time…


They have nothing to do with activities and experiences your dog has to partake in, regardless of whether it’s being trained or not – remember treats and other common methods?


The second biggest mistake I see is people training their dogs all over the place, but more specifically…


Not prioritizing the optimal environment.


One of the key aspects of my training system is an extremely organic, natural type of training – allowing your pet to fully tap into its natural instincts…


This approach not only builds their skills but also heightens their senses and boosts their confidence in an environment they instinctively understand.


Remember, the goal here is to turn your training sessions into a rich and fulfilling experience for both your dog and you…


To make them something to look forward to and something that’s distinguished from other mundane day to day activities.


With this unique approach, I’m able to get 90% of my dogs – even 5- 6 month puppies – completely off leash in as little as 2 sessions…


Vs other trainers???


From my experience, it takes them 8 sessions on average to achieve the same result…


That’s 4X longer…!

4X the stress…

4X the effort…


And a whole lot of steps behind (and probably noticeably less furniture, if your dog is like my Enzo was hehehe – good old days…)


Here is my promise to you…


By adopting the principles of the “Freedom Reward Based Training”, you’ll finally, with full confidence be able to:

  • Create unforgettable memories for both you and your dog

  • Learn how to communicate with your dogs and handle them without fear, submission, or intimidation tactics
  • Take your dog anywhere – regardless of environment, activity, or distraction
  • Prevent inconveniences such as excessive barking, jumping and counter surfing

Inside of the training, you will learn:

  • Modern, universal approach to dog training

  • A carefully crafted algorithm system to instantly know which correction methods to use and in what order

  • 4 different correction methods your dog will associate with training, ensuring their effectiveness and simplicity for your dog

  • A tested environment designed to maximize your dog’s senses


Private In Person Training

  • I will personally train your dog along side you

  • On-location private training tailored to you and your dog’s needs

  • Re-creating your most troublesome situations and correcting them

  • FREE ET-300 Mini Educator E-Collar (usually priced $219.99)

  • FREE 15′ Training Leash (usually priced $16.80)
  • Zoom Call prior to first session to go over E-Collar Basics

Paired Group Training

  • On-location training with one other owner and their dog
  • Incentivizes your dog’s socialization
  • Provides a realistic, dynamic environment
  • FREE ET-300 Mini Educator E-Collar (usually priced $219.99)
  • FREE 15′ Training Leash (usually priced $16.80)
  • Zoom Call prior to first session to go over E-Collar Basics


E-Collar Bundle

  • ET-300 Mini Educator E-Collar (usually priced $219.99)

  • FREE 15′ Training Leash
  • FREE Shipping

Virtual Dog Training Package

  • 90 Min. In-Depth Group Zoom Training with Q&A
  • 30 Min. Follow-Up Zoom to answer any unanswered questions
  • FREE ET-300 Mini Educator E-Collar (Retail Price $219.99)

  • FREE 15′ Training Leash
  • FREE Shipping

I live this…


Meaning once you’re in, you’re in and it’s personal for me…


Which is what I believe to be the reason behind me being the top rated dog trainer in New York…


Which is something I don’t take lightly…


And I’d be honored to have you become our newest success story…

Chris Rig
Chris Rig
My dog is not a beginners dog. He has a strong predatory drive and strong hunting instinct which makes him chase long and far. When he sees or gets the scent of game he locks in and has no recall. Most people would not be able to control him and would lose him.I was required to go out of town, however, I would not have made the trip if Brad didn’t watch the dog.I left with complete confidence entrusting my beloved dog to Brad. He is the only person I would leave my dog with knowing his talent and capability to train and work with a high energy difficult dog.He truly is a dog whisperer and genuinely loves them too!Rob R
Leah Slocum
Leah Slocum
I can’t say enough about Brad Cranston and Great Off Leash Training.After only 2 sessions Enzo was a completely different dog.I joked to my boyfriend Mike that if Brad could train Enzo in only 2 sessions to be a semi normal dog … I was sending Mike there next! 😁Well Brad kept word…..After only 2 short sessions, Enzo went from being a complete psycho jumping on people and dragging me down the street, ……… to walking every morning off the leash staying by my side.It gave him this crazy happy confidence as well.Brad, Mike and I really can’t thank you enough.We are proud to be part of the GOLD Dog family.❤️🐾🦴
Tyler Dusty
Tyler Dusty
My dogs barking got so bad I had to start searching for a trainer. I came across Brad on the internet so figured it couldn't hurt to reach out. It sucked because we were in different states, but he had a solution thankfully. He did a ZOOM session and taught me how to use it and correct the dogs behavior. After just one session with him I started getting control of the barking. Highly recommend if you're looking for an easy way to gain control of your dogs bad behavior without having to leave your house.
Mike W
Mike W
My girlfriend and I got a German shepherd/Australian shepherd mix puppy together named Remi. My girlfriend already had an Irish doodle named Kyra, that I couldn’t believe was so well trained by Brad. When we got the new puppy, I already knew exactly who to go to for Remi because I wanted her to be just like the first dog he trained. Remi was only three months old who came to us with no confidence at all, who would raise her teeth at other dogs and bark. After speaking with Brad, he decided to meet with Remi. He felt that he could work with her even at her young age. Remi is now almost 5 months old and is a friendly, confident, super happy, well trained puppy! He also took his time with me to train me into feeling confident in Remi as well. Brads training is beyond belief and of the highest quality. I cannot recommend him enough!!
This place is the best around!
Marci Lansing
Marci Lansing
I rarely write reviews but Brad is amazing at what he does and deserves to be recognized. After learning about Brad's off leash training style, I was confident he was going to help my 1.5 year old Vizsla and I tremendously. Brad is attentive, tailors sessions to your specific needs/goals without the "extra fluff" and makes things so simple. Other trainers suggested several levels of obedience classes and/or 100% recall prior to off leash training which I felt was a bit excessive. After 1 session, there was a huge difference in my dog's off leash ability. Brad is truly gifted and I can't say enough positive things about his training services. 10/10 would recommend. Thank you Brad!
Robert Milos
Robert Milos
I would highly recommend Great Off Leash Dog Training. Brad is the owner and the one I worked with for my 18 month old standard Goldendoodle (75 lbs)Brad took the time to coach me in the training and work with the dog. It was exactly what my family needed to gain control. I couldn't be happier with choosing Brad's training.Well worth the investment and you can tell Brad treats you as more than a customer. Trust his system and you will be happy with the final product and direction.
Sierra Levine
Sierra Levine
We have an almost two-year old Cane Corso mix, Carl, and a five month old Rottweiler puppy, Zelda. Before we met Brad, Carl was an incredibly anxious dog making it extremely difficult to take him anywhere. Brad was able to build Carls confidence allowing him to go out in public without all of us being a nervous wreck. We are so impressed by everything Brad was able to achieve in only 4 sessions. We still have some work to do with the puppy, but he built us a great base to start off with, ensuring us a great future with our two pups!
Dona Fragnoli
Dona Fragnoli
Brad Cranston worked a miracle with our sweet dog, Cookie! She is a 2 year old, small German Shepherd mix and was found abandoned, taking care of her 8 puppies! When she came to us she was afraid of everything, falling to the floor in a submissive posture every time anyone approached her. I sought out training for her more to help increase her confidence than to work on off-leash training. BUT... WOW!! Am I happy we found Brad and Great Off Leash Dog Training! In just 3 sessions with Brad, Cookie became a different dog! She is confident, happy, and playful! I walk her daily in our neighborhood off leash. I take her hiking regularly, off leash, and I have complete confidence in her behavior. We were thinking all of these wonderful reviews were too good to be true, but that is absolutely NOT true! Brad loves the dogs he works with and trains the humans pretty well too!! We felt confident in all of his instructions for us when we wrapped up our training with him. Cookie spent 3 hours in busy Congress Park on a lovely Saturday afternoon, off leash the entire time and with perfect behavior! We are delighted we found Brad and the results are well worth the investment!! Make this happen for your dog! You will be so happy you did!! Thanks Brad!!!
Jessica Ward
Jessica Ward
Nothing less than a wonderful experience. I highly recommend “Great Off Leash Dog Training”! The difference in my dogs behavior and the amount of freedom that was gained; made this worth every penny! Thanks Brad!
If you are looking for a flexible, professional and effective trainer look no further than Brad. We hired Brad to help us with our (then) 8month old Newfypoo Gus. The change was noticeable after the first session! Brad showed us how to communicate more effectively with Gus and his response was immediate. We are now able to walk off leash anywhere, neighborhoods, parks etc. Brad also customized our lessons to include solutions to everyday manners (charging the door, counter surfing etc.).We now have the tools we need to see our gentle giant reach his full potential! He's actually about to take his CGC test and the skills we started with Brad made it possible! He even offered suggestions on how to better manage our older dog who has always had behavioral issues. Throughout the process he was always available to answer questions and encourage our growth. Thank you Brad!
Amy Thomas
Amy Thomas
Even after a year, our two year old rescue continued to be an escape artist. We couldn’t open the front door or walk Skye out to the car without putting her on a leash. I had been reluctant to use an e-collar, but we really needed to do something for her safety and for our peace of mind. Brad did an amazing job training Skye, as well as teaching us how to use the collar effectively and humanely, along with commands and praise. We are all so much happier since Skye’s been living life off leash. We have a dog that loves to run and now has the freedom to do so without us worrying that she’ll run away. Thanks so much, Brad - You have a wonderful way with dogs and we couldn’t have done this without your expertise!!!!
Emily Elmendorf
Emily Elmendorf
Brad is “Gold”. He can take any challenge thrown at him, and find an answer/solution to it. We first started with Brad when our dog Oscar was a puppy. He whipped him into shape just after the first session. We felt like we had a new dog.To this day, Oscar continues to be the best dog ever. One of Oscar’s favorite things to do is go out and get the mail or bring out the garbage with us. He also lives for his daily leash free walks. He loves the freedom of being off leash. None of that would have been possible without Brad. Brad has also helped us to work with Oscar’s timidity around strangers and other dogs, which we had been struggling with.I really can’t say enough about how wonderful Brad is with not only dogs, but with their owners. He is responsive, and receptive to everyone involved.Thank you again, Brad!
Working with Brad has absolutely changed our lives with our 9month old golden doodle, Atticus. Brad connected with him immediately and spent 3 solid half day sessions not only training Atticus, but also educating us on how to successfully allow Atticus off leash in pretty much any situation. Brad is amazing at what he does and we give him our highest recommendation!
After getting our puppy, Harry, about 9 months ago we were at our wits’ end with his behavior. Walks were miserable because he pulled the whole time… our guests were always subject to “Harry the Hurricane” throughout their whole visit. We knew he was a good boy deep down but needed to be trained. Our friends recommended Brad and from our first conversation I felt confident he would be the perfect fit for us. He picked right up when I called and we were on his schedule within a week. His knowledge of dog’s behavior and breed tendencies is so impressive and allows him to tune right in to each individual dog’s needs. I couldn’t walk Harry without being dragged and would never dream of taking him off leash… Brad had him trained within a few hours. We can now get him the exercise he needs off leash and when he does need to be leashed for walks, he walks nicely. When we have guests over he is under control. We credit this all to Brad and are looking forward to a long life with our Very Good Boy!
Alexandra Esler
Alexandra Esler
Brad is the best of the best. Trustworthy, dog whisperer, and most of all truly cares. Milo went from barely listening to phenomenal recall and completely able to walk off leash without fear on my end. I’m confident in how to handle him, and know how to reel it in when we get off track a bit. I’ve recommended Brad to lots of people and will continue to do so. This is really where he shines and both us as owners and our dogs are lucky to have him!
Brad is amazing. I started my pup young and he was full of puppy energy! Brad had him trained in no time and was great about training ME as well! My comfort level and my pups confidence speaks for the work Brad does. Well worth the investment!🙌🏼
Nathan B
Nathan B
Proof is in the picture. Brad’s training services work. Brad worked quickly to fit us into his schedule. He does an incredible job explaining the process and breaking down each lesson to be easily understood and repeatable. His services aren’t cheap but the product he delivers is high quality and will last a lifetime.
I have followed this company and service now for 7 years and when we finally got another dog I knew exactly where I was going for my training! The results were instant and covered everything we wanted to work on. He was a new dog the first night! Couldn’t recommend this service more!
Bethany Morris
Bethany Morris
We are so glad we chose to use Brad to help us train our new pup, King. King went from being a good dog to a great dog! Brad spent a lot of time with our dog, and with us so we all knew what to do. He really set us up for success. Not only can King go off leash now, but he stopped unwanted behaviors like biting my kids and chewing shoes. We enjoy our dog so much that we are already considering adding another one to our family. If we do, we will definitely call Brad again!
Joseph Bernier
Joseph Bernier
Brad is top notch. He is a natural with dogs, and our little guy loves the time he spends with Brad. Working with Brad I became more confident in my dog and confident in my ability to manage him off leash in many settings that dogs find distracting. Now that’s a way to have fun and enjoy your dog!! It’s well worth it.
Nancy Bushee
Nancy Bushee
If you are looking for a trainer to work with you and your dog, look no further! Brad worked with my English Lab puppy, Tootsie. I really appreciate that Brad adapted his training to accommodate my dog’s stubborn/lazy personality. He stuck with us until she got it, and believe me when I tell you that it took a lot of patience on his part. Brad sent videos from each training session so that I knew what he was working on and how I should work with Tootsie between sessions. After each session I could see measurable progress. There was good communication throughout the training process and I had complete trust that Tootsie was safe and having fun every time she worked with Brad. The end result is that I have a stronger connection with my dog, and I can take her out into different situations off leash while I have confidence that I have control of her. Can’t thank Brad enough!
Brad deserves 5 stars for the work he did with my 2 dogs. We had been disappointed by other training but Brad helped us work on both walking off leash and behavioral issues that we thought we'd never be able get our dogs to stop doing. The training is worth it.
Rita Garzone
Rita Garzone
We are so pleased with the results of Brad’s off leash training of our highly energetic mini bernedoodle puppy Jax. Brad was extremely knowledgeable and explained every aspect of his training to us. He did not put his training on an hourly basis. He worked with Jax until he was satisfied that Jax understood his commands. He then “trained us” so that we understood how to work with Jax off leash. We highly recommend Brad to anyone looking for a great off leash trainer!
Scott Fura
Scott Fura
My wife and I worked with Brad training our 1 year old English lab, Bourbon. Brad was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and attentive to our concerns. His flexibility to working with our busy schedule was more then we could ask for. We had a great time learning how to enjoy our pup off leash! Would recommend Brad to anyone looking for the freedom of “off leash” training. It truly takes you and your dog to another level.