Satisfied Dog Owners. Happier Pets.

Brad started working with my dog, Artie, about 18 months ago. Before we started working with Brad, Artie would constantly bark for what seemed like no reason, demand attention, and do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. He was a menace and all the training in the world didn’t seem to make a difference!

Within a week, Artie turned from Dennis the Menace into a well-mannered gentleman. Every time we catch up with Brad for a refresher session or a walk in the park, Artie gets so excited to see him. I highly recommend G.O.L.D. to anybody who is looking for a trainer for their dog!

Ashley Hallenbeck

Before Brad and Great Off Leash Dog Training, Prim was such a good girl at home and in her own yard, but turned into a psycho the moment we left the safety of our home! She would dart away the second she didn’t feel tension on her leash, jump on people, tug like crazy, and totally forget her name and family – she acted like she wanted to see the world and had no boundaries! Due to these behaviors, she missed out on A LOT of adventures, like hiking and swimming, because we couldn’t trust her. But thanks to Brad, she will no longer miss out – she is like a whole new dog! Since training, we can trust her on and off the leash – even with heavy distractions!

Kayla Rouse

Fostering Harmonious Relationships
Between Dogs and Their Owners.

My name is Brad Cranston, I’m the owner and head coach.

I’ve trained over 1,000 dogs of all ages and breeds and am proud to be Upstate New York’s top-rated individual off-leash dog trainer, according to Google Reviews.

I’ve developed three different dog training programs tailored to my clients’ needs and availability. Using dog psychology and smart technology, I’m able to train dogs in a shorter than average amount of time in a humane and effective way.

This approach has helped me revolutionize my training and gain an overwhelming amount of positive reviews.

For me, training dogs isn’t just a career, it’s a lifestyle and an art. I’m passionate about accurately reading dogs, communicating with them, and seamlessly training them. I’ve devoted my life to giving dogs and their owners the G.O.L.D. Life – giving my clients control of their dogs without a leash, regardless of activity or distraction.

Join me in creating a stronger bond between you and your furry friend, and let’s unlock your dog’s full potential together.

Great Off Leash Dog Training strives to provide the most humane and effective freedom-reward based training available to help you build a relationship of respect and trust with your dog.

We provide all levels of training – from developing manners and etiquette to dealing with complex behavioral issues. We teach owners how to communicate with their dogs and handle them without fear, submission, or intimidation tactics.

Each canine, client, setting, distraction, sensitivity level, and environment is different. Therefore, our training is tailored to your dog’s individual needs.

For us, training is based on meeting expectations, not time constraints. Therefore, we’re not done until you have control of your pup both on and off the leash -they’ll know everything from etiquette to an array of commands – all of which they should be able to perform regardless of distractions and without treats!

Our goal is to fundamentally change the relationship between you and your dog – to create a new normal where you can take your dog anywhere and expect good behavior, regardless of the activity, environment, or distractions!