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This option is made for those purchasing an E-Collar that do not need, or wish to enroll their dog in Great Off Leash Dog Training, but would like to purchase an E-Collar through Great Off Leash to get the discounted rate (as Great Off Leash Dog Training is an Authorized Dealer for E-Technologies).

This Bundle Includes:
  • ET-300 Mini Educator E-Collar (Retail Price $219.99)

    • ET-300 Mini Educator hand-held transmitter
    • E-Collar receiver
    • 2-hour rapid-charge charger
    • 2-Year Warranty
  • FREE Shipping. Conveniently Shipped Right to Your Door!

Save $40 By Buying Through Great Off Leash Dog Training

* This offer is for the stand-alone purchase of an E-Collar only without training. Those participating in our Virtual Zoom trainings or In-Person Trainings will NOT need to purchase an E-Collar in addition to the training, as the E-Collar is included as part of the program.